Strategic Planning Workshops & Webinars

Seven-Part Webinar Series Overview

Webinar 1 – Kickstarting a Vital Strategic Planning Program with the Executive Team

Just getting started and don’t know where to begin? Watch this and be prepared to work with your executive team to plan your strategic planning program.

Webinar 2 – Pre-workshop Strategy + Important Information

After meeting with the executive team, learn how to build a spectacular, life-changing strategic planning workshop with participant skin in the game!

Webinar 3 – The Vital Workshop: How to create a Life-changing Agenda and Experience

You’ll learn how to customize a productive, destiny-shaping workshop where strategic goals are prioritized.

Webinar 4 – Tips for Managing Post-Workshop Logistics to Complete the Vital Strategic Plan.

So you led a life-changing strategic planning workshop! Now what? Learn how to translate strategic goals into annual operating goals and engage the workforce.

Webinar 5 – Tips for the Vital Written Strategic Plan

Once your strategic goals are finalized, this workshop will help you shape your organization’s written plan, and share the plan through the latest communication channels.

Webinar 6 – Tips for Tracking Strategic Plan Goal Achievement

The most often-missed step in strategic planning is tracking of annual goals leading strategic goal achievement. Learn how to track and lead your organization’s strategic impact!

Webinar 7 – Tips for Communicating and Celebrating Strategic Plan Goal Achievement

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to put together a communication plan to support your organization’s strategic plan. This will help you work with your organization’s communication team. And, you’ll gain ideas for how to celebrate goal achievement… strategic impact!

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This half-day workshop is packed with valuable, innovative strategic planning leader and consulting insights to boost your strategic planning expertise.  Conveniently and cost-effectively learn how to lead each part of a comprehensive, customized Vital Strategic Planning program.

Each individual workshop/webinar is US $24.95

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Gain expert insight into how to lead each part of a comprehensive, customized Vital Strategic Planning program.

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