Dr. Carol Poore can help you lead strategy, build community, and create + execute a legacy-defining vital strategic plan.

Carol Poore, Ph.D., MBA

President, Poore & Associates Strategic Planning

For more than 20 years, Dr. Carol Poore has delivered effective leadership and transformational results for a unique range of organizations and clients. We live in unprecedented times, underscoring the essential value of passionate, thoughtful, and strategic leadership.

Carol can help you:

  • Teach your executives and emerging leaders how to create a Vital Strategic Plan that gets implemented – goals tracked, communicated and celebrated.
  • Expand the internal capacity of your company, nonprofit or social sector organization through her Vital Strategic Plan program.
  • Create a successful launch strategy to grow your business from scratch.
  • Build a fundraising network for your organization that can generate millions.

Carol’s latest advice to help you lead your organization with Strategic Impact