Strategic planning for organizations and communities.

Carol Poore, Ph.D., MBA, is an experienced executive, community leader and capacity builder based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
A strategic planning expert and international author/speaker, Carol’s leadership background in corporate, nonprofit and higher education contexts assists organizations and communities with expanding mission impact, enhancing operational, fundraising and communication performance, branding and brand reputation, focused alliance building, and cultivating greater civic engagement to complement growth strategies. Carol’s workshops, keynote presentations and published articles provide proven, practical advice to help leaders and their organizations build capacity and excel in a changing environment. Carol’s research specializes in community building and how vital social networks contribute to community vibrancy. As a faculty member at Arizona State University, Carol teaches community development, leadership for change and public policy courses at ASU’s School of Public Affairs.


Executive Strategy and Timely Leadership Support

"We serve a variety of nonprofit, corporate, education, small business, mature start-up, and trade association clients with strategic planning support leading to organizational growth and turnaround strategies, board development, fundraising and strategic pipeline development, communication planning/branding/reputation management, and expanding valuable external networks."

− The Poore & Associates Team

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