Carol Poore, Ph.D., MBA

President, Poore & Associates Strategic Planning

For more than 20 years, Dr. Carol Poore, Ph.D., MBA has delivered effective leadership and transformational results for a unique range of organizations and clients.

Prior to founding Poore & Associates Strategic Planning, Carol served as Vice Provost at Arizona State University. She served as President and CEO of Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS – successfully developing a 55,000 square-foot health center in downtown Phoenix. She served in a variety of strategic planning, company start-up and public affairs leadership  roles at Salt River Project, one of the largest public power and water companies in the United States.

Today, Carol’s clients include nationally growing and scaling for-profit companies, universities, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, and start-up companies with special expertise in medical technology, medical devices and healthcare.

Carol has:

  • Helped senior executives, emerging leaders and consultants lead a life-changing collaborative experience resulting in a Vital Strategic Plan that actually gets implemented – goals tracked, communicated, and celebrated.
  • Expanded the internal capacity of large companies, small businesses, and nonprofit, government, and social sector organizations through her program.
  • Launched and grew a subsidiary company for Salt River Project from scratch, working with her management team to achieve $500 million in sales revenue within three years.
  • Developed the Parsons Center for Health and Wellness, a nonprofit community health center, raising more than $23 million in private and government grant funding.
  • Tripled the volume of donations for Arizona State University’s West Campus.

As an executive, consultant, community leader, speaker, author and mom of two sons, Dr. Poore consistently delivers a dynamic presence and empowers her audience to deliver a strategic process goes beyond the details. She creates a life-changing experience to help any organization and its leaders define their legacy and achieve strategic impact.

Carol received her Ph.D. in Public Administration and MBA from Arizona State University. Her primary field of research focuses on strategic leadership and community building, downtown community revitalization and the impact of social capital, using case studies from urban projects across the United States.

Meet Carol

I thrive on helping leaders develop customized, comprehensive, compelling strategic planning programs!

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, a vital strategic planning program includes a vibrant workshop and strategy process for leaders, leading to an engaging plan (visual and visible) and goal tracking system. The plan and tracking system provide focus for achieving and celebrating strategic goals.  This is strategic impact.

Through my consultancy, Poore & Associates, I provide strategic planning expertise for corporate, small business, nonprofit, government and social sector executive teams, expanding organizational capacity.

I’m dedicated to inspiring and equipping leaders to execute an impactful Vital Strategic Plan so that every organization has clarity on how it will deliver on its mission and achieve strategic impact.

I’ve learned that effective strategic planning is an inspiring human experience…  

life-changing for leadership teams

and life-giving for organizations.

I’ve served in corporate executive leadership positions, led community planning initiatives, and advised small businesses, nonprofits, community-based organizations, and government/social sector entities, helping leaders make legacy-shaping strategic plans leading to Strategic Impact — that is, goals that are communicated, tracked, achieved, and celebrated.

Poore & Associates provides comprehensive strategic planning services to help organizations chart a clear and compelling future and expand organizational capacity.

We help leaders plan and implement their strategic planning programs, from the workshop or series of meetings to the engaging written plan and goal tracking systems. This often includes meeting facilitation, or training an organization’s leaders so that they can lead the charge.

Related strategy services include fundraising strategy and communication planning for a variety of clients including nonprofit, corporate, trade association, small business, start-up, as well as community campaigns.

Dr. Carol Poore offers strategic planning and leadership resources on this website, including blogs, webinars and a strategic planning literature review. 

Dr. Poore founded Phabulous Experience™ to share the fascinating story of Phoenix, Arizona, USA from its past to the imagined future. Combining placemaking with storytelling, Phoenix Phabulous features a collection of 16 large murals created by a diverse group of local artists. Spawned by a public storytelling and research process examining Phoenix time periods, the indoor murals have traveled to more than 30 grand civic spaces in the Greater Phoenix. The installations feature in-person and virtual storytelling programs.

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Dr. Carol Poore serves on faculty at ASU’s School of Public Affairs. Courses include Community Development, Leadership and Change, Public Administration, and Public Policy.

Dr. Poore served as ASU’s Vice Provost at the West Campus, leading campus growth, community outreach and funding from 2002 to 2007, while completing her Ph.D. and teaching as a Faculty Associate.

Dr. Poore is a founder and member of ASU Women & Philanthropy. She’s served on the Dean’s Councils for W.P. Carey School of Business and ASU’s College of Public Programs (now known as the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions).


Dr. Poore is a licensed real estate broker in Arizona, serving the Greater Phoenix area and working with clients to support their strategic real estate investment opportunities.


Dr. Poore is an accredited member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). She served as a  IABC/Phoenix past chapter president and board of directors and served on the IABC international Research Foundation Board of Trustees.

Dr. Poore is a member of the Association of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Society.