Work with Dr. Carol Poore

Strategic planning support could include any of the following services:
1. Working with YOUR team to help your team take the lead on structuring and implementing a customized, vital strategic planning program.
2. Providing a one-stop consulting solution, working with your executive team to shape your strategic planning program, facilitate meetings, and provide follow-through for tracking and communication support as needed.
3. Providing a how-to workshop, series of meetings, or keynote to mentor your planning team, board of directors, or executive leadership.

Today leaders need a quick, easy, and reliable strategic planning model that will lead to a meaningful leadership experience. And, they need and a clear, vital strategic plan that gets implemented.  They don’t have time to read complicated textbooks. They need an easy-to-understand approach, as well as tools, templates, and techniques they can use quickly to customize a strategic planning program that fits their unique organization.

I believe that vital strategic planning is a leadership experience that can be divided into three parts: Your life-changing workshop, your compelling written plan, and your goal tracking and communication system. For that reason I’ve created a three-part framework that will help you simplify the planning process while saving time and brainpower, so that you and your organization’s leaders can focus on what’s important: Developing a strategic plan with strategic goals (strategic intent) and then achieving those goals (strategic impact).

I provide both in-person and virtual meeting strategy expertise and implementation techniques customized for your organization. This includes incorporating the latest technology to enable novel approaches for virtual strategic planning, including global panels, virtual discussions, digital white boarding, and other novel strategies for emergency situations.

Whether your strategic planning program is implemented virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of both methodologies, I offer you a life-changing, legacy-shaping strategic planning experience that gets implemented and delivers results.

Vital strategic plans are shaped by an organization’s vital leaders, through a vital process. You are creating a vital leadership experience leading to your organization’s future. Equally as important, you’re shaping the destiny of many lives impacted by your organization.

The resources available on this website are designed for you, the vital strategic leader.