Dr. Carol Poore can provide virtual program planning support for YOU, the executive, steering committee, or team in charge of strategic planning. 

Carol loves to work with leaders who seek help in structuring effective, vital strategic planning programs. 
She can help YOU lead the strategic planning program for your organization. 
This can save time and consulting costs if budget is an issue, while providing trusted strategy support and a sounding board to ensure your approach results in an exceptional strategic planning workshop and strategic goals that get communicated, tracked, implemented and celebrated.
Also, Dr. Poore can help you plan for a strategic planning workshop to be conducted virtually, as well as in-person, or a combination of both.
Dr. Poore says:
“With strategy coaching support, I help clients become skilled at conducting their own strategic planning workshops and strategy sessions, weaving together virtual panels, discussion forums, and breakout sessions.  This empowers leaders and helps them become well-equipped to lead strategic planning within their own organizations.”