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Dr. Poore’s other books and publication resources

Building Your Career Portfolio

Building Your Career Portfolio by Carol A. Poore, Ph.D, MBA,  is the result of four years of workplace and employee research, published by Cengage Learning and available in English, German and Korean. Those who provided book reviews on note that this is not just another book about resumes or job interviews. Building Your Career Portfolio is a unique approach that will help readers discover their professional and personal purpose and build a more directed career. By assessing which career-related activities are valuable, readers will become more prepared to face change and equipped to remain innovative and well-poised for opportunities.

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Downtown Phoenix Rising: A Case Study of Two Organizations Building Social Capital for Urban Core Revitalization


Researched and written by Dr. Carol A. Poore, this report examines the way in which social capital, or productive networks, can be used to support downtown renewal. This report examines the way in which Phoenix 

Community Alliance (PCA) and Downtown Phoenix Partnership (DPP)—two, critical downtown-focused organizations ostensibly founded for civic improvement—used social capital to advance downtown urban development initiatives. This research contributes to the general understanding of how pivotal groups responsible for impacting downtown development and quality of life can become more effective in their roles by examining how they create networks pivotal to advancing urban downtown renewal. Findings illuminate how community development groups can more effectively use networks to inspire downtown improvement. Findings emphasize the need to engage a broader downtown community, including both emerging and established organizations and those who desire to contribute to a diverse and exciting heart or city core.

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Community Building in Downtown Phoenix during the biggest residential housing boom in nearly 100 years

 This research report by Carol A. Poore, Ph.D. includes contributions from Arizona State University community development students.

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