Strategic Planning and Executive Team Support

Dr. Poore provides strategic planning executive support (both in-person and virtual consulting and facilitation) for clients around the world, expanding organizational capacity and mission impact. 

Dr. Poore can help you:

  • Declutter the typically complicated strategic planning process and deliver a destiny-shaping program in an efficient, budget-conscious way.
  • Plan and lead a life-changing leadership workshop resulting in strategic goals.
  • Craft and communicate a compelling written strategic plan.
  • Implement an effective tracking and communication system to monitor progress and ensure accountability.
  • Engage employees, customers and key audiences in celebrating your organization’s strategic impact.

Organizational Capacity Building

Capacity building is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain skills, knowledge, funding, tools, equipment and other resources needed to build and grow mission impact. This can include:
  • Fundraising Strategy.
  • Nonprofit Lifecycle Analysis.
  • Strategies for Operational Effectiveness.
  • Board Development.
  • Constituency Outreach.