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Five ways to maximize the value of strategic planning by taking a social approach

Who ever heard of maximizing your strategic planning process by leveraging social media?

Exactly!  This is why your company should be doing just that. With minimal cost, your company can take advantage many opportunities to promote industry leadership during your strategic planning process by maximizing social/digital channels.

Here are five easy, impactful ways to showcase your company as an industry leader through authentic, powerful social media techniques during your strategic planning process.

Note that none of the following actions require you to compromise confidentiality or competitive intelligence by sharing internal strategies.

  1. Promote your company’s thought leadership. Feature a photo or brief video of your keynote guest speaker who provides industry thought leadership during your strategic planning session.  Feature one of your speaker’s top industry insights and take full credit for engaging your employees in an exciting strategy session!
  2. Promote your company’s vibrant team.  Show photos of your team huddled around flip charts (blur the flip chart content) and give your team credit for their participation and brilliance.
  3. Promote your company’s fun culture.  Share a photo of your team having a great time during your planning session. Humanize your company by sharing an icebreaker or team activity. For example, a work team went bowling after the strategy session. The group leader shared a photo with caption applauding his dedicated team, showing the work group in casual attire with the bowling alley in the backdrop.  The post received thousands of views and likes!
  4. Share your company’s one, big lesson about strategic planning.  Share a power tip, or a bit of your secret sauce for creating a successful strategic planning session. Was it the months of pre-planning?  Was it the break-out group structure with action-oriented questions?  Share one tip and help others learn from your success.
  5. Announce and track one or more of your company’s strategic goals publicly, if your company agrees to share.  Issue a news release and use social media to proclaim your company’s top goal(s) for the future. Then, celebrate and share your tracked success on social media over time as these goals are achieved! 

By doing one or more of the above, and asking employees to help share your messages on their social media platforms, you’ll multiply and maximize buzz about your company’s innovation, insights, and progress.  You’ll expand employee engagement and pride.  And, your competition soon may be shaking in its boots!