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Create a new path: Out of the comfort zone and into the future

Employees can expect to change jobs 10 to 15 times during their lifetime according to labor statistics.

Many job changes bring about a whole new life – a complete shift in careers as well as industries. 

To some, making a major life pivot is thrilling.  To others, it’s daunting.  But newness spawns personal growth, fresh intrigue, and an excitement for life.

You can thrive during career pivots, side hustle start-ups and new pathways. Here are a few essential tips.

  • Supportive learning, friendships and networks are building blocks for change readiness at any age.
  • Learn the signs of when it’s time to say “hello” to a new life. Then, take steps toward that healthy change!
  • Aim to be purposeful in all you do.  With a clear sense of purpose or mission, you’ll have the courage to take on a new direction.  To get started, here’s a helpful personal purpose mini-survey.
  • Expect to feel uncomfortable.  At times, you may find yourself feeling invigorated, joyful, bold, discouraged, confused, lonely, and overwhelmed… all at once!  Ask for help. Find mentorship. Seek out information.
  • Treat your new chapter as a “business start-up.”  There will be exciting moments as well as the tedious hours setting up new systems and infrastructure (new online logins, passwords, etc.).  Not fun – but oh, so necessary.
  • Develop your new elevator speech, practice it, and refine it as you go.  Some friends, family members and naysayers may never “get” why you’ve embarked on something new. Don’t worry about convincing everyone.  This is when your elevator speech comes in handy.  Keep repeating it!
  • Use your new chapter as an opportunity to learn from new friends and colleagues.  Today, leadership is earned with knowledge and wisdom.  Ask questions and be ready to learn from a variety of people and their perspectives.
  • Keep your network posted on interesting highlights, successes and lessons learned as you progress.  When possible, use video and great photos to visually bring your new story to life.
  • Realize that your new venture or adventure may impact and inspire others’ lives in ways you cannot fully imagine! Stay the course. Correct the course when needed. Your discipline and resilience will pay off.