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Hitting your reset button for big, bold purpose

From time to time, all of us find that it’s time to make a change.  It could be the hope for a work promotion, a better job, or dream of starting a business.  It could mean cultivating a healthier, happier lifestyle or new habits leading to an improved YOU.

Whether it’s a tweak or a full-scale overhaul, most of us can sense when a “reset” is needed. But sometimes, it’s not so obvious! 

How can you tell when that bright red “Reset” button is flashing a signal that you need to make a change?

First and foremost, be on the lookout for MISMATCHES.  Think about your life and what’s most important to you –your faith, family, health, home, work, friends, community, etc.  For each of the key areas of importance in your life, assess whether there’s a mismatch of any kind

Mismatches occur when there’s no longer an alignment between your values, goals, the things you care about the most – and your actual activities, actions, investments of time, surroundings, and way of being as you “show up” for life each day.

Mismatches can be fixed only by each of us individually as we discover them – and there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” However, here are a few indicators of mismatch, when it’s absolutely time to hit the “reset button.”

  1. You’re inspired by a persistent idea – an idea you know you need to pursue, but you keep putting it off.  Now, the idea is grinding on you.
  2. You’ve completed a phase in your life, such as completing a degree or reaching a milestone where you’re now ready and available to take on a new challenge.
  3. You’re bored! You’re living life on “autopilot” and you know it! In fact, you’re starting to get depressed.
  4. You’re fighting an uphill, unsustainable battle… this is a chronic struggle where your energy and will to fight is depleted. Something’s NOT working and it’s obvious that change needs to happen.
  5. You’re in a toxic environment that could include continuous lack of trust, unhealthy behaviors, and other factors impacting your self-esteem, health and well-being.
  6. Fear is holding you back, and/or is outright paralyzing you.
  7. Your input and hard work is not valued. You’re starting to question your own value.
  8. You’re being deceived – possibly lied to on a regular basis by one or more people around you, and you continue to be in denial about the situation.
  9. You are being mentally, emotionally, or physically abused.

It’s important to recognize that some of the above situations may require certain types of expertise providing a high level of support and intervention.

Here are a few basic tips for hitting your reset button to achieve big, bold purpose.

  1. Complete this Personal Purpose Mini Survey and discover your unique    and precious life purpose.
  2. Define the steps you need to take to be true to yourself, and your             purpose. These will be unique to YOU. Expect the uncomfortable, because the “reset” button might be leading you to dream bigger, set goals, declutter, weed out what’s not important and what’s not working – etc.
  3. Develop a select group of colleagues who can support your reset… those who can help you think in new ways, overcome discouragement, take off rose-colored glasses, and NOT look back.
  4. Take steps to care for your personal health, so you’re vibrant and nurtured as you make changes.
  5. Remember that you are loved and created for a purpose.  Only you can fulfill the unique and special role meant for you in this beautiful world.

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