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Threatcasting: An Interdisciplinary Method of Long-Term Forecasting

How are Smart Cities using Digital Twin tech to strategize and plan for the future? Dr. Carol A. Poore interviewed Jason Whittet, Amazon Web Services to learn about Amazon’s partnership with Arizona State University in helping Phoenix develop a digital twin as part of city planning.

Strategic affiliate partnerships: An interview with Todd Crawford, co-founder and VP of Strategic Initiatives, Impact

Amanda Berry at Simpplr – the future of intranets to connect employees with company strategy.

Intranet innovation is connecting employees to their companies, and to each other. Amanda Berry, Corporate Brand & Communications Manager at Simpplr shares thought leadership about the future of INTRAnets and employee communication, onnecting employees with the company’s strategy and strategic future.

Julia Patrick, CEO of the American Nonprofit Academy and Co-Host, The Nonprofit Show: Nonprofit strategic planning: The nuances, the challenges, the success stories.

The Nonprofit Lifecycle tool developed by Dt. Susan Kenny Stevens is a helpful resource for strategy development. Dr. Carol A. Poore provides an overview of the six stages for those interested in diving deeper into organizational strategy.

Sharon Lechter, business thought leader, financial expert, speaker and best-selling author of many books – including Rich Dad, Poor Dad co-author – discusses Personal Strategic Planning and playing BIG!

Strategic Crisis Communication featuring PR executive Abbie Fink

Dr. Carol A. Poore interviews PR guru Abbie Fink, Vice President and General Manager of HMA Public Relations and Co-Host of Copper State of Mind. Learn about strategic crisis management and key messaging in a noisy world of constant crisis. Learn how to prevent crisis from derailing your strategic branding and PR in times of change, big opportunity, and yes, crisis.

Author & Coach Darcy Eikenberg previews her new book and talks personal career strategic planning

Author, speakers and private executive career coach Darcy Eikenberg discusses personal career strategic planning and her new book, Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job. She’s a certified executive private coach to leaders at organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, State Farm, Deloitte Consulting and more.

3Vs of Effective Strategic Plan Communication: Vital, Visible, Visual

Dr. Carol Poore presents 3Vs essential to a vibrant strategic planning program. When strategic plans are Vital, Visible, and Visual, the plans are taken seriously by both internal and external audiences. Research shows that 90 percent of strategic plans are not implemented. These 3Vs will ensure effective strategic plan communication and support goal execution.

BONUS Video! Dr. Poore’s 3Vs for Strategic Plan Communication shared with global strategic planners at the Association for Strategic Planning’s global webinar.

The Art of Personal ReInvention

Personal ReInvention is an exciting topic. We can choose to make small, or big changes to strategically shape our life and create the future we envision. Based on nearly two years of research, Dr. Carol Poore discusses six areas of potential personal ReInvention, along with trends to support each. This includes the opportunity to shape a personal purpose as the most important “Personal ReInvention investment strategy.”

Agile, Interactive Strategic Planning in the Public Sector: Best practices from York Regional Police

Strategic planning in the public sector requires community input and an agile, interactive approach. Brenda Mulroy and Jennifer Gotlieb, strategic planning leaders at York Regional Police in Toronto, Canada, share their comprehensive, innovative community-based planning approach. For more about York Regional Police:

Learn how India’s IT sector responded to the pandemic. Strategic planning lessons based on research by Dr. Mythili Kolluru

Dr. Kolluru’s current research examines work strategies adopted by leading IT companies in India post COVID-19 to ensure employees’ safety without disrupting client deliverables. The research discusses the nuances and implications of COVID-19 work strategies. The qualitative analysis of interviews and data illustrates that some companies have adopted the Work-From-Anywhere strategy, and others have chosen the 25 by 25 strategy. The manifold implications of the new work-norm are that it has no negative impact on the companies’ client deliverables and profitability.

Dr. Pierre Hadaya presents his compelling research connecting an architect’s planning process to how organizations can structure strategic plan implementation.

Dr. Carol A. Poore discusses how to jumpstart a strategic planning program with the CEO and executive team.

How can leaders create internal and external engagement with their organization’s strategic plan? Dr. Carol A. Poore shares how!

How to communicate strategic plan results and celebrate goal achievements and milestones, with Dr. Carol A. Poore.

Agile Strategy Execution and Real-Time Tracking featuring Alan Leeds

Strategy implementation expert and author Alan Leeds discusses how digital strategy tracking allows an organization to convert strategy into action. He shares how corporate strategy can be translated and tracked by objectives, initiatives, programs, projects, and people – linking actions and tasks to real-time metrics and scorecards. This discussion includes a case study with an online digital tracking demonstration.

Strategic hiring to support the strategic direction:

Hiring trends and opportunities post pandemic featuring Signa Oliver, JD, HR director for RI International, a global behavioral health and crisis intervention organization.

Strategic Planning with Franchise Companies featuring Robert Stidham, CEO of Summa Franchise Consulting

Summa Franchise Consulting is a global, award-winning franchise consultancy. Robert discusses the nuances in helping franchise owners align with and accelerate the strategic plan. Bonus interview below!

Bonus interview with Robert Stidham, global franchise expert.

Mark LaScola, founder and CEO of On the Mark Collaborative Organization Design, on Strategic Planning, M&As, and Operating Plans

Mark shares how strategic plans drive organizational redesign, M&As, need for transformation, bigger capacity and culture change.

Strategic Foresight: Creating the “Pull of the Future” featuring Frank W. Spencer and Yvette Montero Salvatico, founders of Kedge and The Futures School

BIG Change and Aligning the Strategic Plan with Gary Cohen, Co-Founder, CO2 Partners

Cool Tools to Support Vital Strategic Planning

Interview with Ted Jackson, Co-Founder /Managing Partner of ClearPoint Strategy

Followed by Strategic Impact Friday live discussion about strategic plan tracking – and overcoming barriers/politics. Note: See full interview with Ted (Part 1 and Part 2) below.

PART 1: How organizations begin to track strategic plan goals: Dr. Carol Poore’s interview with Ted Jackson, ClearPoint Strategy

PART 2: Tracking Trends: Dr. Carol Poore’s interview with Ted Jackson, ClearPoint Strategy

Strategy Execution driving by a more engaging leadership mindset… 6 techniques for a strategic management culture + 4 takeaways with agile strategy expert and author Gaye Clemson

Gaye Clemson’s 6-Minute training video – Engaged Leadership Mindset

Gaye Clemson’s slides featuring attentive leadership resources. Click here for the slides – with deepest appreciation for Gaye’s work she shares here.

Leadership tips for creating alignment – strategic plan communication and connection from departments to individual employees

From workshop to annual operating goals… how to achieve agile alignment