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Strategic Planning

Top 3 Predictors of a Successful Strategic Plan
Is it a Strategic Plan Refresh, or an Overhaul?
Three Easy Steps for Kickstarting an Inspiring, Engaging Strategic Planning Session
How to Create an Action-Oriented Strategic Plan
How to Hire Strategic Planning Expertise from the Outside, While Driving the Process from Inside
How Tracking Your Strategic Plan Can Be Fun, Actually!
Five Ways to Maximize Strategic Planning Communication by Taking a Social Approach
Planning to Plan: A Customized Approach to Strategic Planning
Nine Keys to Successful Strategic Planning

Strategic Fundraising

Your Fundraising Investment “Whys:” Building a Compelling Case for Support
Strategic Fundraising: Building Your Organization’s Diversified Fundraising Pipeline
SmALL Nonprofits Need These Things Before Fundraising
Fundraising 202: Accurate database management and analysis – KNOWing your donors in a much deeper way

Purposeful Leadership and Career Strategies

The Power of Personal Reinvention
Practical emergency steps for nonprofit leaders during the COVID-19 crisis
Personal Purpose: Seven, Pivotal Questions for Discovering Your Guiding Strategy for Career, Volunteer and Lifelong Learning Investments
Building Your Career Portfolio with Four Career Investments
Today Counts! Leading and Seizing Each Day with Gratitude and Value
How to FIND and BE a Mentor
Hitting Your Reset Button for Big, Bold Purpose
Leadership Advice from Top-Level Administrators
Personal Planning Questions for a Purposeful, Powerful New Year
8 Tips for Leading Effective, Inspiring Meetings with Executive Poise, Teambuilding and Fun
Leadership, Mentorship and Generations (Part I): We Need Each Other
Leadership, Mentorship and Generations (Part II): Are You Growing Into An Effective, Innovative Leader?
Jumpstarting Productive Creativity Anywhere, Anytime – Even When Your Schedule is Thrown Off
Innovative, Entrepreneurial Leadership in Government, Nonprofit and Business Organizations
Keys to Leading Innovation: Urgency, Soundbites and Boundary Spanning
Soundbites Build Competitive Advantage, Support for Change
The Difference Between Innovation Leadership and Operations Leadership
Why is Leading Organizational Change SO Hard?
Overwhelmed? Take The Next Step
Starting a New Path: Out of the Comfort Zone, Into the Future
Purposeful Work: Connecting Employees to their WHY
Attacking the “Loneliness Epidemic” Head On
Six Simple, Practical Ways to Fall in Love with Your City – Connection to Your Community

Downtown Phoenix Rising: A Case Study of Two Organizations Building Social Capital for Urban Core Revitalization

Researched and written by Dr. Carol A. Poore, this report examines the way in which social capital, or productive networks, can be used to support downtown renewal. This report examines the way in which Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) and Downtown Phoenix Partnership (DPP)—two, critical downtown-focused organizations ostensibly founded for civic improvement—used social capital to advance downtown urban development initiatives. This research contributes to the general understanding of how pivotal groups responsible for impacting downtown development and quality of life can become more effective in their roles by examining how they create networks pivotal to advancing urban downtown renewal. Findings illuminate how community development groups can more effectively use networks to inspire downtown improvement. Findings emphasize the need to engage a broader downtown community, including both emerging and established organizations and those who desire to contribute to a diverse and exciting heart or city core.

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Community Building and Downtown Phoenix: Opportunity to create social capital during the biggest residential housing boom in nearly 100 years

This 2016 research report by Carol A. Poore, Ph.D. includes contribution from Arizona State University community development students.

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Building Your Career Portfolio

Building Your Career Portfolio by Carol A. Poore is the result of four years of workplace and employee research, published in English, German and Korean 2001 by The Career Press and later by Cengage Learning/Thomson Worldwide. Those who provided book reviews on note that this is not just another book about resumes or job interviews. Building Your Career Portfolio is a unique approach that will help readers discover their professional and personal purpose and build a more directed career. By assessing which career-related activities are valuable, readers will become more prepared to face change and equipped to remain innovative and well-poised for opportunities.

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Published Arizona Op Eds 2011 – 2018 featuring Dr. Carol Poore, Ph.D., MBA

2017 ArtWORKS PHX Creative City Symposium and Op-Ed “Arts, Business Working Together” (The Arizona Republic, Oct. 30, 2017)
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World AIDS Conference Op-Ed (The Arizona Republic, 2012)
Major naming investment Op-Ed (The Arizona Republic, 2012)
Revitalizing downtown through vital community networks Op-Ed (The Arizona Republic, 2011)